A personal injury can be an injury to the body, the mind or emotions.  The most common type of personal injury is caused by automobile accidents.  However, it may also include product defect accidents (product liability), medical and dental accidents, conditions that are associated with industrial disease cases, including asbestosis and peritoneal mesothelioma, chest diseases as well as others.

Hospital Emergency Room EntranceIf you believe your injury has been caused by the negligence of another party, and that can be proved, you may be entitled to monetary compensation from that party.

That process however, is often complex and controversial.  That is why having an attorney becomes essential.

If you have been involved in an accident or have an injury that you believe was caused by another, here is some valuable advice that you should follow:

    • Consult an attorney regarding the circumstances of your injury;
    • Do not under any circumstances, discuss your case with anyone except  an attorney or your doctors;
    • Sign nothing dealing with your claim until you have consulted with an attorney;
    • Do not discuss your claim with any insurance adjuster (whether from your company or your opponent’s company), but advise them to contact your attorney;
    • Save all documents, correspondence, memoranda, bills, or records relating to your case;
    • Keep a daily diary of your activities, while these events are fresh in your mind, being careful to note such things as:
    • the facts and circumstances surrounding the accident;
    • any ways in which your injuries have restricted your activities;
    • specific pains and the frequency of them;
    • the frequency of medication taken;
    • the kinds of medication taken;
    • Keep all physical objects such as shoes, clothing, etc. that you had on at the time of the accident – they may become evidence at trial;
    • Obtain itemized receipts of:
    • hospital bills;
    • doctor bills;
    • ambulance bills;
    • nursing bills;
    • drug or medicine bills (save all bottles or containers of medicine, including non prescription drugs, such as aspirin);
    • all other expenses incurred as a result of the accident.

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