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With over half of marriages ending in divorce in the United States, family law is a huge practice that is highly misunderstood. Many parties feel as though they can represent themselves in custody, divorce or other family law matters, however we strongly advise otherwise. Family law statutes change very frequently in Pennsylvania, and without knowledge, you could be setting yourself for a loss.

Kid Hands Drawing with Colored PencilsAt Miller, Turetsky, Rule & McLennan we have attorneys who are highly experienced in family law matters and know the steps that need to be taken in what can be a very hard time in your life. We not only offer legal services in this area but also knowledge and understanding which can help you obtain the assets you deserve while getting on the road to healing. If you are involved in a custody battle, divorce, would like to file for one of these matters OR have any other family matter that you may need advice on, please contact us for a consultation.

Family law is an area of the law that deals with family-related issues and domestic relations including:

  • Marriage
  • civil unions,  and
  • domestic partnerships.

When the termination of one of those relationships occurs, there are many ancillary matters that must be addressed.  Some of those include:

  • divorce;
  • annulment;
  • property settlements;
  • alimony, and parental responsibility orders;
  • child custody and visitation;
  • child support and alimony awards.

Divorce Definition in DictionaryThis list is by no means complete with all of the potential issues that come through the family court system.

Handled improperly, your termination or divorce can be unnecessarily contentious, prolonged and costly, and settlements can be unfair or unworkable. Further, you and your spouse will most likely need to continue to interact once your divorce has been finalized. Unnecessary emotional scarring during the divorce process can make this much more difficult.

Below are some reasons you should hire a lawyer when dealing with this kind of matter:

  • if there are problems with abuse — spousal, child, sexual, or substance.
  • if your spouse is being dishonest or vindictive;
  • if your spouse has an attorney.

An attorney is a neutral person with legal experience who can help you get the arrangements you need to protect yourself and your children; protect your interests and help you face complicated financial issues that may be difficult and emotionally intimidating.